Pool Enclosures

Gable-hip style enclosure

Not just for swimming--enclosed pool areas provide beautiful and serene settings for morning coffee or breakfast, reading a book or watching a sunset. Some of our customers have even added solid roof areas to their pool enclosures so they can do office or school work by the pool.

All custom pool enclosures bring your living and backyard recreation areas together in such a way that it becomes a focus for family fun, relaxation and health; like having a vacation spot just outside your door.

Modern screened enclosures are durable and attractive and are all custom built to your specifications.

Besides adding value and enjoyment to your home, pool enclosures offer the practical advantages of bug and pest protection, a reduction in leaf and airborne debris problems and decreased chemical and maintenance costs.

One of the primary purposes of swimming pool enclosures is to help provide a safe swimming environment and to prevent accidental injury or drowning. Pool enclosures combined with home door alarms, roll away fencing, water alarms or other such safety devices greatly decrease the possibility of accidents. Every swimming pool must be enclosed or at least fenced to meet building codes.