Before ZipStripZ

After ZipStripZ

The simple way to finish
off your posts and beams.
Easy as:
Insert and Zip!

How to Install

Box of ZipStipZ on a patio by a pool

The box we ship ZipStripZ in serves as a dispenser
for the ZipStripZ. Just lift the label at the corner of
the box and pull out of end of the ZipStripZ.

Applying Zipstrips to door

To start the ZipStripZ place one side into the
spline groove and slightly bend the ZipStripZ so
the other side goes into the other spline groove,
then slide your finger down the ZipStripZ to install

Man with pliers cutting ZipStripZ

When you get to the end cut the ZipStripZ to fit.
Do the same for the beams.

How to Install Testimonials

"The look after it was installed was amazing!" Joe

"We were going to replace the screws, cause they were starting to look bad. Instead, we had the Zip-StripZ installed. We can't see the screws anymore and we have a finished look now." Mary

"Super Product, Super Look!!!" Jerry

How to order ZipStripZ

Call: (850) 562-0232
Comes in: 100' 150' 250' 400' rolls

American Discount Aluminum, Inc
995 FL GA Hwy.
Havana, FL 32333
Phone# (850) 562-0232